Command List


Command Clearance Level Description
rss 50 Shows a list of RSS feeds currently being monitored
rss list 50 Show a list of RSS feeds being monitored
rss add <url:string> 50 Adds a feed to be watched
rss remove <id:string> 50 Removes a feed from the watch list
rss refresh [id:string] 50 Refresh a feed
selfrole 0 Displays a list of self-assignable roles
selfrole leave <role:string...> 0 Leave a self-assignable role
selfrole add <role:string...> 100 Add a role to the list of self-assignable roles
selfrole remove <role:string...> 100 Removes a role from the list of self-assignable roles
selfrole join <role:string...> 0 Join a self-assignable role
stats 0 Displays statistics about the bot


Command Clearance Level Description
reaction-role add <mid:string> <emoji:string> <role:string...> 50 Adds a reaction role
reaction-role remove <id:string> 50 Removes a reaction role from the server
reaction-role list 50 Lists the reaction roles configured on the server


Command Clearance Level Description
starboard hide <mid:snowflake> 50 Hides an entry from the starboard
starboard unhide <mid:snowflake> 50 Unhides an entry from the starboard
starboard block <user:snowflake> 50 Blocks a user from the starboard. They cannot star messages and their messages cannot be starred
starboard unblock <user:snowflake> 50 Unblocks a user from the starboard
starboard update <mid:snowflake> 50 Forces an update of the starboard message
jumbo <emojis:string...> 0 Sends a bigger version of the given emojis
remind <time:string> <query:string...> 0 Set reminders
server [server:snowflake] 50 No description provided
poll <duration:string> <question:string> <options:string...> 0 Create polls
color <color:string> 0 Sets a user's color in the member list
urban <term:string...> 0 Retrieve definitions of words from the Urban Dictionary


Command Clearance Level Description
modlog hidden 100 List all the hidden users
modlog hide <user:user> 100 Hides a user from the modlogs
modlog unhide <user:user> 100 Unhides a user from the modlogs
modlog hush 100 Hush the modlogs (Message deletes won't be logged)
modlog unhush 100 Unhush the modlogs
unmute <user:user> [reason:string...] 50 Unmute a user (Remove the configured muted role)
hide 100 No description provided
raid info <id:string> 50 No description provided
raid ban <id:string> 50 No description provided
raid kick <id:string> 50 No description provided
raid unmute <id:string> 50 No description provided
raid dismiss 50 No description provided
temprole <user:snowflake> <role:string> <duration:string> [reason:string...] 100 Temporarily assign a role to a user
lock [msg:string...] 50 No description provided
infraction 50 Infraction related commands
infraction reason <id:number> <reason:string...> 50 Sets the reason of an infraction
infraction export 50 Exports a CSV of infractions
infraction clear <id:int> [reason:string...] 50 Clears an infraction (Deletes it from the database)
infraction import-banlist 100 Imports the banlist as infractions
infraction info <id:int> 50 Gets detailed information about an infraction
infraction search [query:string...] 50 Search for an infraction with the given query
ban <user:snowflake> [reason:string...] 50 Bans a user
unban <user:snowflake> [reason:string...] 50 Unbans a user
mban <options:string...> 50 Mass bans users
munban <options:string...> 50 Mass unban users
mkick <options:string...> 50 Mass kick
clean all [amount:int] 50 Cleans messages from everyone in the current channel
clean user <user:snowflake> [amount:int] 50 Cleans messages from a specific user in the current channel
clean bots [amount:int] 50 Cleans messages sent by bots in the current channel
clean everywhere <user:snowflake> [amount:int] 50 Cleans messages sent by the given user across all channels
clean between <first:snowflake> <last:snowflake> 50 Cleans messages sent by all users between the given snowflakes
unhide 100 No description provided
mute <user:user> [reason:string...] 50 Mute a user (Assign the set muted role)
info [user:user] 50 Retrieves information about a user
softban <user:snowflake> [reason:string...] 50 Soft-bans (kicks and deletes the last 7 days) a user
archive channel <channel:snowflake> [amount:int] 50 Creates an archive of messages sent in a channel
archive user <user:snowflake> [amount:int] 50 Create an archive of messages that a user has sent
kick <user:user> [reason:string...] 50 Kick a user
role 50 List all the roles and their IDs
role add <user:snowflake> <role:string> [reason:string...] 50 Add a role to the given user
role remove <user:snowflake> <role:string> [reason:string...] 50 Remove a role from the given user
tempban <user:snowflake> <time:string> [reason:string...] 50 Temporarily bans a user
warn <user:snowflake> <reason:string...> 50 Register a warning infraction for the given user
unlock 50 No description provided
tempmute <user:user> <time:string> [reason:string...] 50 Temporarily mute the given user


Command Clearance Level Description
disconnect 0 Disconnects the bot from the current voice channel
pause 50 Pause the music that is currently playing
move <from:int> [to:int] 0 Move songs around in the queue
skip 0 Skips the currently playing song
skip force 0 No description provided
dequeue <position:int> 0 Removes a previously queued song from the queue
queue [option:string] 0 Shows the current queue
volume [volume:string] 50 Sets the bot's volume
play [query/url:string...] 0 Play music
connect [channel:string...] 0 Connects the bot to the voice channel


Command Clearance Level Description
refresh 100 Updates the currently running configuration with the database


Command Clearance Level Description
permissions 100 Displays all the permissions the bot currently has in the current channel
clearance [user:user] 0 Displays the user's clearance
help [command:string...] 0 Display help for a command
ping 0 Check the bot's ping
charinfo <text:string...> 0 Get information about a string of characters