The permissions panel controls permissions related to the panel itself as well as role and clearance mapping.

Panel Permissions

Configure access permissions to the panel here.

There are three levels of permissions: View, Edit, and Admin.

  • View - The user can only view the panel
  • Edit - The user can modify settings on the panel, but cannot add new users
  • Admin - The user has full control over the panel, and can add new users.

Note: The server owner always has Admin permissions regardless of what is configured.

To add a user's permissions, click the green Add button and fill in the user's ID (For information regarding retrieving user ids, see this support article).

To modify a user's permissions, select their new permission in the dropdown. Changes will be applied immediately and users cannot change their own permission.

Role Permissions

Configure role and clearance mappings.

To map a clearance value to a role, click the Add button, select the role, then enter its clearance (0 to 100).

After clicking save, the role's clearance will be reflected immediately. For more information about clearance see Clearance.