Anti-Raid Settings

KirBot offers anti-raid protection for your server. View more information about anti-raid here.

Master Switch

Enable/Disable the anti-raid settings. We recommend you keep this enabled and configured

Detection Settings

Tweak various detection related settings


The amount of users that have to join to trigger a raid alert


The time period (in seconds) over which the users have to join


The action to apply to the user

  • Mute - Applys the Muted role to the user and locks them in for moderator action post-raid
  • Kick - Immediately kicks the user
  • Ban - Immediately bans the user

Note: Due to discord ratelimits, for large raids the action may be delayed.

Quiet Period

The amount of time (in seconds) between user joins before the raid alert is terminated and a report generated.

Alert Settings

Configure alert settings

Alert Role

The role to ping when a raid is detected. If the role is not pingable and the bot has permisison, it will make it pingable.

In the case of @everyone or @here, the bot must have permission to mention everyone.

Alert Channel

The channel where the alert will be sent