Much like the Anti-Spam settings, KirBot offers a granular censor module.

View more information about the censor module here.

Protip: Shift click any green "Add" button to bulk edit the list


Rules are matched with a clearance less than or equal to the given rule.


Enabled: If invite censoring should be enabled

Guild Whitelist: Guild IDs that should be whitelisted
Guild Blacklist: Guild IDs that should be blacklisted


Enabled: If domain censoring is enabled

Domain Whitelist: A list of domains that should be whitelisted
Domain Blacklist: A list of domains that should be blacklisted


Blocked Tokens: A list of tokens (can appear anywhere in the message) to blacklist
Blocked Words: A list of words (must be separated by a space) that are blocked
Nicknames: A list of tokens that cannot appear in users' nicknames.

Zalgo: If users should be allowed to send zalgo