KirBot offers an infraction tracking system to track information about a user such as kicks, bans, and warnings.

Even if a user leaves the server, their infraction history is preserved.

Types of Infractions

There are 8 different types of infractions.

  1. Kick - Created when a user is kicked.
  2. Mute - Created when a user is muted with the !mute command.
  3. Warning - Created when a user is warned with the !warn command.
  4. Ban - Created when users are banned.
  5. Unban - Created when a user is unbanned (Useful for tracking the unban reason)
  6. Tempban - Created when a user is temporarily banned
  7. Tempmute - Created when a user is temporarily muted

Infraction Logging

Infractions are created automatically when using the moderation commands built in to KirBot. Additionally, infractions are created when automatic actions are performed by KirBot (such as banning a user for spam).

KirBot does not by default track manual actions like banning a user via the built in Discord menu. This behavior can be changed by enabling the "Log Manual Actions" toggle on the Infraction page on the panel.

Infraction History

A user's infraction history can be searched with the !infraction search <query> command. This command returns a table of infractions that the user has in the current server.

More details about an infraction can be viewed with the !infraction info <id> command.

Deleting Infractions

While it's not recommended to delete infractions, Administrators (or anyone with clearance 100+ by default) can delete infractions if it was created mistakenly with the !infraction clear <id> command.

Infraction Reasons

All infractions have a reason field attached. When kicking/banning/muting/warning a user, the reason is automatically set to the provided reason. If the moderation team wishes to modify an infraction reason, they can do so with the !infraction reason <id> <new reason> command.


  • !infraction search <id> -- Search the infraction database for the given query
  • !infraction info <id> -- Retrieves more details about an infraction
  • !infraction delete <id> -- Deletes an infraction
  • !infraction reason <id> <new reason> -- Updates the reason for an infraction

Moderation Commands

  • !kick <user> [reason] -- Kicks a user
  • !ban <user> [reason] -- Bans a user
  • !tempban <user> <time> [reason] -- Temporarily bans a user
  • !mute <user> [reason] -- Mutes a user
  • !tempmute <user> [reason] -- Temporarily mutes a user
  • !warn <user> <reason> -- Warns the user

When performing a moderation command, KirBot can send a DM with the reason to the user. To send a DM to the user, prefix the infraction with [DM] to send a normal DM (You have been warned in Kirby's test server by mrkirby153#7840 for: Example) or an anonymous DM (You have been warned in Kirby's test server for: Example).