General Settings

The general settings tab contains miscelaneous settings that do not fall into other channels.


Configure modlog settings. Log events can be configured per channel and the bot supports an unlimited number of logging channels per server.

Log events are filtered into two modes: Include and Exclude. When events are included, only those events will be included in the modlogs for that channel. When events are excluded every event except those on the list will be included in the channel.

Set the timezone of the logs with the Log Timezone field. Most conventional timezones are supported. In the event an unrecognized timezone being entered, the bot will silently fall back to UTC.

For more information regarding logs, see Modlogs.

Log Events

Event Name Description
ROLE_DELETE A role was deleted
ROLE_UPDATE A role was modified (color, name, hoisted)
USER_NAME_CHANGE A user changed their username
MESSAGE_DELETE A message was deleted
CHANNEL_DELETE A channel was deleted
USER_JOIN A user joined the server
USER_LEAVE A user left the server
MESSAGE_EDIT A user's message was edited
ADMIN_COMMAND A moderator or administrator performed a command
USER_NICKNAME_CHANGE A user's nickname was changed
ROLE_REMOVE A role was removed from a user
USER_MUTE A user was muted with the !mute command
USER_UNMUTE A user was unmuted with the !unmute command
CHANNEL_CREATE A channel was created
MEMBER_RESTORE A member was restored due to Persistence
USER_WARN A user was warned
USER_KICK A user was kicked from the server
USER_BAN A user was banned from the server
ROLE_ADD A role was added to a user
SPAM_VIOLATE A user has violated a configured Spam rule
MESSAGE_CENSOR A user sent a message that violates a configured Censor rule
NAME_CENSOR A user's nickname/username violated a configured Censor rule
ROLE_CREATE A role was created
USER_UNBAN A user was unbanned
MESSAGE_BULKDELETE More than 1 message was deleted (via a bot) at a time
VOICE_ACTION A user has joined or left a voice channel, muted, unmuted, deafened or undeafened
CHANNEL_MODIFY A channel was modified

Bot Nickname

Set the nickname of the bot. There is a maximum of 32 characters for the nickanme (Discord enforced)

Muted Role

Set the role that's applied to the user when they are muted via bot commands or as a spam violation punishment

User Persistence

User persistence allows for roles, nicknames, and voice states to be preserved even if a user leaves the server. Upon rejoining, KirBot will attempt to restore the user's roles, nickanmes, and voice state.

For more information, see User Persistence.


  • Persist Mute - Persist the user's server mute in a voice channel
  • Persist Roles - Restore a user's roles when they rejoin. A whitelist can be configured. If the whitelist is blank all roles will be restored when rejoining.
  • Persist Deafen - A user's server deafen state will be persisted
  • Persist Nickname - A user's nickname will be automatically restored, assuming the bot has permission to interact with the user.

Channel Whitelist

Configure channels that the bot can execute commands in. Most moderation commands ignore the command whitelist.


A starboard can be configured. For more information about the starboard, see Starboard.

Starboard Channel - The channel where starboard posts will be sent

Star Count - The amount of star reactions needed to add the post to the starboard

Gild Count - The amount of star reactions needed to "gild" a post

Self Star - If users are allowed to star their own post.