Quick Start

This guide will get you up and running quickly, from inviting KirBot to your server to configuring mod logs and other administrative tasks

1. Invite the Bot

Add the bot to your server by clicking here.

2. Log into the admin panel

Log into the admin panel and select the server you just added the bot to by clicking here. After logging in, select the server you want to configure.

You will be asked to connect your account with Discord in order to log into the panel. This ensures you only see the servers that you have access to configure.

3. Set up Modlogs

In the General tab, add a modlog channel by selecting it from the "Add Channel" dropdown.

Log Entry

Modlog channels default to logging everything. If you don't want that, click the "Edit" button on the channel's settings and select the log events that you wish to include/exclude from the channel.

Added a channel you didn't mean to by mistake? Click the "Delete" button twice to confirm the deletion of the log channel. Deleting the log channel wil not delete modlog messages that were sent

Additionally, you can configure the log timezone to localize modlog timestamps to your server's timezone. By default, it's set to UTC, but you can change it to any valid timezone such as PST or America/Los_Angeles.

4. Configure the muted role

Muted Role For Mutes to function correctly, KirBot needs to know which role you will be using.

Select the role that you wish to use as your "Muted" role from the dropdown

5. Configure Clearances

By default, everyone aside from the server owner has a clearance of 0, meaning they can only run commands that have a clearance level of 0 or less. For a full list of commands, see here.

Clearance On the "Permissions" tab, click the "Add" button under the "Role Permissions" heading. Select the role that you want to set clearance for from the dropdown and enter the clearance for the role in the box. Finally, save the clearance setting by clicking the Save button.

To modify the clearance of a role that already has clearance set, edit the clearance level next to it.

Note: If a user has more than one role with a configured clearance, their effective clearance will be the highest clearance level. For more details, see Clearance.

6. Add other users to the panel

If you want other people besides yourself to be able to configure the bot through the panel, you need to add their user ids to the panel.

Panel Users

While on the "Permissions" tab, click the "Add" button under the "Panel Permissions" heading. Enter the user id of the user you wish to add to the panel, set their desired permission level and hit Save. The user will then be able to visit the Server List and select the server.

To change a user's permission level, select their new level from the dropdown. Changes are saved automatically.

Note: Even if a user has "Edit" permissions, they cannot modify their own permission level.

Getting Additional Help

If you need additional help, join the Support Server.