KirBot supports playing music in voice channels. If you do not wish to use this feature, turn the Master Switch off.

For more information regarding music, see Music.

Master Switch

Globally controls if music is enabled or disabled. If the switch is off, the bot will not respond to any music commands and music commands will be removed from the help command's output.

Channel Whitelist/Blacklist

Control which channels the bot can play music in.

There are three modes:

  • Whitelist - Only allow music playback in the given channels
  • Blacklist - Allow music playback in all channels except the given
  • Off - Disable the whitelist/backlist and allow playback everywhere

Queue Settings

Configure various queue-related settings

Queue Length

The maximum length of the queue in minutes. Any song that is added to the queue that would put the queue over the max length will be rejected.

Set to -1 to disable and allow the queue to grow to an unlimited length.

Max Song Length

The maximum length of a song that can be queued in minutes.

Set to -1 to disable and allow any song to be added to the queue regardless of length.

Allow Playlists

If playlists can be queued. Playlists will be queued as individual songs subject to the Queue Length and Max Song Length settings.

Skip Settings

KirBot supports vote skipping when there is more than one person in the channel.

Skip Cooldown

The amount of time (in seconds) that a user must wait between starting vote skips.

Skip Timer

The amount of time (in seconds) that KirBot will wait before tallying votes.