KirBot provides a music system that server members can use to play YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and other audio streams in a voide channel.

Note: This feature may be removed without warning in the near future.

The DJ Role

Users with a role named "DJ" have enhanced control over the music features of the bot. They are able to disconnect the bot, switch the channel the bot is in, and other capabilities described later in this section.


The command !connect or !summon will have KirBot join the current channel that you are currently in. Optionally, if a channel name is provided, KirBot will attempt to join the channel specified.

If the bot is currently playing music in another channel, only a DJ can change the channel that it is currently playing in.

Playing Music

To play music, use the !play command, followed by the URL of the song to play, or search query to search YouTube. If KirBot is not currently in a voice channel, it will be summoned automatically to the channel that you are currently in. If music is already playing, the song will be added to the song queue and played in order.

The Queue

To promote fairness, a queue system is used to play songs. Server administrators can set the maximum length of the queue on the admin panel as well as enforcing a maximum length for songs.

Once a song ends, the bot will play the next song in the queue, removing it from the queue. This process repeats until the queue is empty. After the queue is empty, the bot will automatically disconnect from the voice channel.

Skipping Songs

If someone queues up a song that you want to skip, you can start a vote to skip the song with the !skip command. This will start a vote and wait a configurable amount of time (Configured by the server administrators, defaults to 30 seconds) for the users in voice to vote yes or no to skipping. Once the voting period concludes, the votes are tallied and the appropriate action is taken.

To prevent abuse of this feature, server administrators can enforce a cooldown (configurable on the panel) between invocations of the skip command.