KirBot can be configured to subscribe to RSS feeds and post new updates to a given channel.

An example use case of this would be subscribing to a Youtuber's RSS feed and being notified of new uploads.

KirBot's RSS feeds refresh every 15 minutes.


View a list of all currently configured RSS feeds in the current channel with the !rss command. This will send a message with all the currently monitored feeds as well as its id to the channel.


To subscribe to an RSS feed, use the !rss subscribe <url> command. After a successful invocation, new RSS feed items will be posted in the channel every time the feed is refreshed (defaults to every 15 minutes).


To unsubscribe from an RSS feed, grab teh feed's ID (the 10 digit alphanumberic string) with !rss. Afterwards, run !rss unsubscribe <id>. This will immediately unsubscribe KirBot from the feed.

Manual Refresh

Manually refreshing the RSS feed is accomplished with !rss refresh <feed id>. This will immediately refresh the feed and post new entries to the channel.

Feed Errors

If KirBot fails to refresh a feed during one of its periodic refreshes, it will enter a failed state. Feeds that have failed will not be automatically refreshed, but will need to be refreshed manually. If the refresh is successful, KirBot will continue automatically refreshing the feed.


  • !rss -- Lists all RSS feeds configured in the channel
  • !rss add <url> -- Subscribes to an RSS feed
  • !rss remove <id> -- Unsubscribes from an RSS feed