The starboard module can be used to send messages that get a specific number of reactions to a designated channel.

The Starboard must be configured from the web admin panel

Starring a message

Users can star messages with the ⭐ reaction. Once a message has gotten a number of stars configured by the server administrators, it is published to the starboard.

If a message falls below the required number of stars, it will be deleted from the starboard.


Gilding acts as a 2nd tier of star. If a message gets enough stars to gild, its icon on the starboard will be replaced with 🌠 to indicate that it has been gilded.

Moderating the Starboard

Moderation commands are available to help server moderators moderate the starboard.

Blocking Users

Users can be blocked from the starboard. When a user is blocked from the starboard, their stars have no effect, and their messages cannot be starred. To block a user from the starboard, use the !starboard block <user id> command. To unblock a previously blocked user, use the !starboard unblock <user id> command.

Hiding Posts

If a post makes it to the starboard and needs to be hidden, moderators can use the !starboard hide <message id> to hide the message from the starboard. It will immediately be deleted from the starboard channel, but votes will still count for it. To unhide a previously hidden starboard message, use !starboard unhide <message id>


  • !starboard block <user id> -- Blocks a user from the starboard
  • !starboard unblock <user id> -- Unblocks a user from the starboard
  • !starboard hide <message id> -- Hides a message from the starboard
  • !starboard unhide <message id> -- Unhides a message from the starboard
  • !starboard check <message id> -- Forces a check of the provided message